Friday, May 25, 2018 (All day)

What makes your neighborhood unique? Maybe you live near the river, or next to a school, or by a park, or along the railroad tracks? What do you hear when you walk your dog, or head out for a bike ride? What happens if you stand in your yard or on your porch and just listen? These are the sounds of Wichita, and we want to hear them too. 

In collaboration with VibrantICT, and local artists, musicians, and makers, Fisch Haus is creating a map-based soundscape, to celebrate the diversity of this city in a brand new way: through your ears! Welcome to MapMusik/316, an immersive, interactive, virtual audial tour of Wichita. 

In order to make the project a reality, we need you. Take 5-10 second videos of sounds you either find or create in your neighborhood, and send them to Don't forget to say exactly where you took the video in your email: an address, or street corner, or park/business/apt. complex/etc. name will do.

Von Hansen, percussionist extraordinare, will take your sounds and sights, and create a location-specific visual + musical composition that he'll play at the Fisch Haus on Final Friday, May 25, from 7-10PM. Your videos will be coordinated with the 'musical notes', so when Von plays your sound during the performance, the video will pop up on the map, exactly where you took it.

You'll also be able to make new music in your neighborhood, live from the Fisch Haus! Between sets, the public will be invited to play the soundmaps, thanks to a micro-sensor system developed by Von Hansen and Lauren Hirsch. 

Want to set up a sound walk party in your neighborhood? Contact Susan Mayo at She’ll scout your neighborhood and help you and your friends find the sounds that speak to you!

What makes a good video/sound clip?

  1. What's unique about YOUR neighborhood? What's interesting to YOU? 
  2. Try to get a clear sound, with not much background noise.
  3. The video component is important too, so think about lighting and unexpected perspectives.
  4. Check out an example of several clips we put together to give you an idea of what we're looking for. These are only a couple ideas though--definitely think outside of the box!



Another VIBRANTICT event. 
FREE pop-up music in downtown Wichita #musicfornowconcerts, sponsored in partnership by Chamber Music at The Barn with The Knight Foundation through the Wichita Community Foundation. VibrantICT is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.