2019 KNOB New Music Festival



Thursday, October 31 – Saturday, November 2, all shows start at 8PM.

This year, we’re doing something completely different. Think multi-disciplinary art mob. Think 24-hour Wagnerian Ring Cycle.

Announcing Knob Festival 2019, featuring PaintallicaThis year’s Knob Festival will be the most epic yet. We’ll be revisiting, deconstructing, celebrating and repudiating Richard Wagner and his place in the music canon, tackling conflicting themes of racism, genius, impertinence, redemption and forward-thinking artistic revolution.

In keeping with the scope of Wagner’s music, we’ll be attempting something never done before; a 24-hour marathon of artistic interaction between musicians and painters. The visual arts collective Paintallica will be doing an all-nighter, creating a large-scale painting, while musicians join in.

Concerts will be at the Fisch Haus, 524 S Commerce, Wichita, Thursday, October 31, Friday, November 1, and Saturday, November 2 starting at 8:00. Friday’s concert will spill into the night and the next day. Saturday will be the big reveal. Admission is by a suggested donation of $5; $15 will get you into all three nights and the all-nighter as well. Buying a t-shirt is strongly suggested.

Fisch Haus will be open for First Friday, November 1, from 7-10PM. In deference to Wichita’s art crawl tradition, admission will be free during that time, but we still highly recommend making a donation or buying a t-shirt, since your help makes things like this happen!


Thursday, Oct 31
  8:00 Mark Foley
  9:00 Phil Ross and Skyler Marshall of Cricket Wand
Friday, Nov 1
  8:00 Switchgrass Quartet, Jamie Knight, and the WSU Dance Department
  8:30 David MacDonald, Happening Now, WSU New Music Ensemble
  9:30 Golden Living Room
  10:30 Daydream and the WSU Dance Department
Saturday, Nov 2
  12:00-3:00 am Free-for-all jam
  3:00 am Aleks Sternfield Dunn
  4:00 am-6:00 pm Mark Foley, David Lord, Maria Elena and Scott Dean Taylor, and other TBA
  6:00-7:30 p.m. International Superstar Boy Band
  8:00 p.m. MapMusik
  8:15 Von Hansen
  8:45. David Lord and Scott Taylor
  9:15 p.m. Craig Owens and the Bodo Ensemble

Stay tuned for more details, and follow us on facebook too!