2023 KNOB New Music Festival



Thursday, November 2, 2023 – 8:00pm to Saturday, November 4, 2023 – 8:00pm

The KNOB New Music Festival is an annual celebration of experimental and unconventional musical disciplines, in the fields of both composition and performance.

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November 2 – November 4, 2023

All shows start at 8pm, doors open at 7:30.  

Admission each night is by a suggested donation of $10.

The festival is open to all ages, and we invite our audience to bring their own refreshments, but ask that alcohol not be served to minors.

This year’s KNOB acronym is Kinetic Nexus OBots, and the 2023 artwork “generator” is AI (with adjustments by Patrick Duegaw).


Douglas Ragon: Diverging Paths, a “10~ minute piece for a “jazz Pierrot ensemble” (Pierrot ensemble + rhythm section) and uses a lot of octatonic harmonic content.”; Sonata no. 1 for Jazz Quartet and String Trio [12~ mins]

Jeb Wallace: World Premiere for Two Horns by Joey Willette [8 mins]

Great Plains: Quivira by Dean Roush [7 mins] 

Fanfare for 8 Horns by Catherine Likhuta [17 mins]

Friendly Skeleton


Mike Unruh + Smack Dab Dance Lab

Courtney Long: Black Mary by Shelley Washington; Grounding: Plant Music by Courtney Long

Skyler Marshall and Craig Owens duo [25-35 mins]


Lauren Hirsh with Micala Gingrich-Gaylord and Finn Lanning: meditative piece

David Lord

ISBB (Trevor/Ian Stewart, UJ, Torin)

Marrice Anthony (hiphop)