Avian Conspiracy Theory



Friday, September 28, 2018 (All day) to Friday, October 26, 2018 (All day)


Final Friday, September 28, 6-8pm

Final Friday, October 26, 6-8pm

Featured artists: Krystal Anton, Kip Haaheim, Steve Huey and Kenn Peters

Around the world every year, approximately one billion birds fatally collide with architectural glass. Collectively, the artists shed light on this, within a soundscape of bird voices. The Fisch Haus’ transformation begins with the artist’s installation of reflective surfaces, and images of sky. Miniature bird houses assemble into beautiful, almost liturgical villages. The space becomes sanctified for the sake of birds, therein honored in song, form, effigy, and icon. 

Artists’ Statement: The central investigation of the show is betrayal as a repeating artifact of life. It is manifest as safe passage that is homicidal, refuge that is not accessible, faith that is not requited, all accompanied by a chorale of heavenly bird voices. The mocking bird on the sidewalk is a warning to us. We must all find St Francis in our heart.