Process - the Private Space of Public Art

Friday, October 1, 2021 (All day) to Friday, December 31, 2021 (All day)

In collaboration with the City of Wichita and the Wichita Wind Surge baseball franchise, Fisch Haus presents a glimpse into the process through which public art is realized. The new Wind Surge baseball stadium, located in Delano on a site bordered by Douglas Ave., McLean Blvd., Maple St., and Sycamore St., is host to nine public artworks by twelve local and regional artists.

The exhibition dates are still up in the air, pending post-covid rescheduling, but more details will be posted as soon as we have enough information to move forward.



Regional Artists Chosen for Stadium Project

Twelve regional artists were chosen to provide public art components for the new Wichita entertainment venue and multi-sport stadium. The artists were chosen after submitting their qualifications in an open call; the information requested included a cover letter, resume, images of relevant past work, and list of related skills. Twenty-two artists submitted their qualifications. 

Each artist has been given a specific budget for their piece, which includes design, fabrication, installation, and artist fee. Funding for this public art project was included in the stadium budget.
“The level of artistic skill and creativity we see locally and regionally is phenomenal,” said stadium Art Consultant Elizabeth Stevenson. “It was a difficult process to narrow the group down from such a wide talent pool, but we’re excited about the projects we’ve commissioned, and look forward to sharing them with the community.” 


The artists chosen are: 

  1. Asheer Akram, Kansas City – Modesty panels, right field picnic area.
  2. Stephen Atwood, Wichita – Hanging sculpture in the Maple St. entry (1 of a team of 3).
  3. Ellamonique Baccus, Wichita – Decorative components along the Sycamore St. fence.
  4. Brickmob (Chris Garcia and team), Wichita – Wichita baseball history mural, Maple St. entry.
  5. Rose Hansen, Wichita – Decorative screening element above the home plate food court.
  6. Brady Hatter, Wichita – Revitalization of the frieze (originally created by local artist Randy Julian) that previously served as signage for Lawrence Dumont stadium at the corner of Sycamore and Maple.
  7. Lupoli Collective (Rebekah Lewis and Joshua Tripoli), Wichita – Murals in the concourse restroom exits.
  8. Derek Porter, Kansas City and New York City – Sculptural element in the McLean entry plaza.
  9. Eric Schmidt, Wichita - Hanging sculpture in the Maple St. entry (1 of a team of 3).
  10. Kent Williams, Wichita - Hanging sculpture in the Maple St. entry (1 of a team of 3).
  11. Jonathan Wood, Wichita – Decorative elements throughout the concourse.

“The stadium is about so much more than baseball, said Jay Miller, president of the Wichita Wind Surge. “It’s a reflection of the community, and including local and regional artists to represent Wichita’s vibrant culture was important to us from the beginning.” 

The Art Consultant will continue to oversee the projects and will provide final approval after each project has moved through the requisite process. The majority of the public art projects will be complete and installed by opening day of May 11, 2021.