Bob Diven: In Concert with Film

Film, Music


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show starts at 8pm and is open to all ages.  Admission is by donation.

Voted “Best Songwriter in the Mesilla Valley”, Bob Diven is also an award-winning editorial cartoonist, prize-winning street artist and now — a filmmaker.  Singing songs about “Life, love and road-killed animals”, Diven will weave together an evening of original music with three of his short films:    “The Morninge After” begins as a battered knight awakes in a cave full of very dead dragon and a sleeping princess he has apparently rescued; “mom” follows Bob’s determinedly-active 91-year-old mother for one day; and “Eric’s Wedding” tells the tale of a 40-year old bachelor who decides to throw himself the wedding-he’s-never-going-to-have on a community theater stage.  Complications ensue.

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“Bob’s talents are pretty extraordinary for a decent human being: painter, singer, multi-instrument musician, actor, set designer, graphic artist.”

– Mark Medoff, Tony Award-winning playwright

“Bob Diven is an artist. He is an artist in the professional sense, in his paintings and public art, in his music, theater, and writing. He is also an artist in the personal sense, in that every moment of his life is part of a large, complex work that represents his own encounter with the world. These ways of knowing are not at odds with each other, but complementary, and his adventures in living have been a source of enjoyment for all of us — another gift Bob brings to our lives”.

– Don Kurtz, author, “South of the Big Four”

“Diven’s songwriting is simple, clever and nakedly insightful. In fact, if all that insight comes from his own first-hand experience, we have to pity the poor guy.”

– Lisa Parker, The Las Cruces Bulletin