Come to Grief



Ann Resnick


BildLab Gallery @ Fisch Haus, 2nd Floor:

December 5, 2019 – January 31, 2020


Opening Reception: First Friday, December 6, from 7-10PM

Closing reception: First Friday, January 3, from 7-10PM

The gallery will be open Sundays and Thursdays, during the times below, and by appointment. Email to make an appointment.

Sunday, December 22, noon – 4PM

Sunday, December 29, noon – 4PM

Sunday, January 5, noon – 4PM

Thursday, January 9, 5-8PM

​Sunday, January 12, noon – 4PM

Thursday, January 16, 5-8PM

​Sunday, January 19, noon – 4PM


​Sunday, January 26, noon – 4PM

For many years, time has been the central theme in my  work–in both an existential way and a nerdy, bookkeeping kind of way. I have kept meticulous accounts of how I have spent time–not in routine household activities, but as I engaged in my work. It seemed like a reasonable response to the perplexing equations I was formulating about how much work a person can get done with a finite, but unknown, number of years ahead and dwindling energy. My natural tendency towards morbidity made this seem like a legitimate preoccupation.

Then, in March of 2018, my partner for 42 years died suddenly. That reordered my accounting. Instead of recording 3 or 4 hours of any day, I found myself thinking, “it’s been 6 months since Kevin died,” it’s been 1 year since Kevin died”…”it’s been 1 year, 8 months, and some days.

The work in this show represents a Penelope-like devotion to persistent activity, and a jaded eye through which the etiquette surrounding death is glimpsed and recorded in various ways that allows process, media and content to be mostly agreeable companions.

Ann Resnick (b. Syracuse, NY), received a BFA, magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina after studying in less traditional programs in Alaska and upstate NY. Currently living and working in Wichita, KS, Resnick has exhibited throughout KS and MO, as well as NY, NC and Japan.


Featured work:

14,616 HRS

Spray paint, pencil, 2 layers burned paper

38” x 50”, 2019