Denise DiPiazzo



Friday, February 27, 2015

Artist-in-Residence:  February and March 2015

Exhibition:  February 27 – April 4, 2015

Opening Reception:  Final Friday, February 27;  7-10pm

Collaboration with Ballet Wichita:  Final Friday, March 27;  7-10pm

This exhibition will broaden the focus of Denise DiPiazzo‘s 2014 Kansas University MFA Thesis exhibition, entitled Hairball, a collection of primarily three-dimensional sculptural works. She explores themes of accumulation and loss through the premise that “the artifacts of daily existence are woven into the giant Hairball of Life.”

Over the past year, 365 objects were gathered on a series of sojourns around the world to celebrate life after cancer treatments. These objects have been incorporated into a larger sculpture. Each one has a time of origin and a story.  DiPiazzo plans to expand the rich narrative of these objects into a series of new work, which will elaborate on the significance of the daily ritual of collection. On trips from Nashville to New York and as far as Tokyo, she has collected printed matter, paper goods and packaging to include as additional layers within this most recent evolution of the project.

During the process of conceptualizing her thesis work, DiPiazzo has made a series of drawings, sketches, and material “windings” of the hairball diagram, which will be used as the basis of design for her Fisch Haus exhibition.

This residency will be documented via facebook and instagram.