Editing Edifices



EDITING EDIFICES, an exhibition by Jodi Lightner

December 5, 2019 – January 31, 2020

Fisch Haus: 524 S. Commerce, Wichita, KS, 67202, info@fischhaus.com

Opening Reception: First Friday, December 6, from 7-10PM

Closing reception: First Friday, January 3, from 7-10PM

The gallery will be open Sundays and Thursdays, during the times below, and by appointment. Email info@fischhaus.com to make an appointment.

Sunday, December 22, noon – 4PM

Sunday, December 29, noon – 4PM

Sunday, January 5, noon – 4PM

Thursday, January 9, 5-8PM

​Sunday, January 12, noon – 4PM

Thursday, January 16, 5-8PM

​Sunday, January 19, noon – 4PM


​Sunday, January 26, noon – 4PM


This large-scale drawing and installation solo exhibition is based on constructs of architecture described in works of literature and re-imagines these structures as malleable to sociological patterns and habits. One of the pieces of literature used in the exhibition is Invisible Cities. This work of fiction by Italo Calvino, takes poetic license to describe a visitor’s perceptive experience while traveling in unknown cities. Though many of the descriptions are impractical, improbable, and impossible, they depict places with atmosphere, attitudes and activity, each with a specific theme and distinct pattern. And each city contains all the same elements – dweller, habitats, and activities – but each one is unique in its set of patterns, which makes it distinct, impressionable, and categorical. In response to the book, part of this project examines how these patterns of perception and recognition are developed, supported, and challenged in our world of fabricated structures and schedules. Included with this application are images from work made based on Invisible Cities. The full exhibition project responds to additional pieces of literature.

Public workshop at the Wichita Advanced Learning Library: January 4 @ 2:30 PM

Jodi’s workshop at the Advanced Learning Library will consist of an artist talk and demonstration of her studio process, tying together literature, architecture, and impossible spaces. Lightner works on large sheets of mylar to layer abstract ink drawings and acrylic painting, before hand cutting thousands of tiny spaces into each layer of mylar. The demonstration will teach her approach to the layering process, as well as tips for reductive drawing with an exacto knife. This workshop has been made possible by the Wichita Arts Council.

Jodi Lightner is a Wichita State University graduate and currently working as an Associate Professor of Art in Billings, Montana. Her studio work is based on the impermanence of built structures and architecture as a universal leap of faith.