gerco de ruijter POINT OF VIEW

Art, Film


7-10 pm

The Ulrich Museum of Art is presenting a video installation of films by internationally renowned photographer Gerco de Ruijter at the Fisch Haus gallery. De Ruijter is the Ulrich Underground 2015 artist-in-residence, his exhibition, “On the Grid,” is on view at the Ulrich through September 13, 2015. Based in Rotterdamn, the Netherlands, De Ruijter’s work has been featured by the Washington Post, Wired, Vice, HyperAllerigic, and various international art blogs and publications. He has works in the permananent collections of museums worldwide, and has exhibited in galleries around the world including galleries in Paris, Moscow, Praag, Berlin, Luxembourg, and Florence, Italy.

On view at Fisch Haus, Friday only:

“CROPS” (3:40)
A stop-motion film on centre pivot irrigation compiled from photos of irrigation systems in the USA that he gathered from Google Earth. It is a collection of almost abstract images that evoke new associations through the style of montage. This film was recently acquired by the Hirshhorn Museum at the Smithsonian and is also currently on view at the Ulrich.

“Jackson Pollock’s Road Trip” (7:07)
“Jackson Pollock’s Road Trip” shows the hypnotic movement of cracks and repair in the asphalt on a slightly curved road in Colorado.

“Playground” (3:24)
Approximately 2,000 stills of American football fields. The stills–all of the same size–are edited in a fast sequence. In this sequence the moving picture reveals the structures and lines of the playing fields as well as the symbols of the various football teams. It creates a formal and associative visual performance. 

“Letting Go” (8:37)
“Letting Go” was shot with a small camera attached to a pigeon. The pigeon is released on top of a high building in Delft and records his own flight.