Man and Machine



Tuesday, March 14, 2017 (All day)

MAN AND MACHINE is a series of works for percussion and electronics that demonstrate various ways of creating integration between a performer and the computer.

The performance begins at 7PM, and is open to all ages. Admission is by donation.

All pieces performed by Von Hansen.


Stop Speaking, by Andy Akiho, is a solo for snare drum and computer in which the entire computer part is created by a function that allows Microsoft Word to read documents back to the user.

It’s Like the Nothing Never Was, by Von Hansen, for interactive computer system. This piece has no prerecorded material and is entirely improvised interaction with a randomized computer playback.

Sferics, by Thomas Rex Beverly.  Von Hansen was involved in the commissioning of the piece. The composer took a bike tour of Texas and recorded audio and video of storms and used this to create this piece.  A combination of live and prerecorded sounds.  

Maturin for bass drum and electronics by Nicholas Elert, and For the Crows for vibraphone, bells toms and electronics by Christian Dubeau, were developed at a summer institute Von Hansen attended in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2016.  As far as he is aware, Hansen is currently the only person in the world who performs these works. 

Long Distance, by Missouri composer Steven Snowden.  This work uses high quality recordings of operator switchboards.


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