Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers: That Diamond Lust Tour




The recipient of numerous awards in her old home town of New Orleans, Myshkin now lives in the mountains of Oregon, where she has founded an artists’ retreat community, hand built an earth walled studio, completed her 7th album―That Diamond Lust―and is poised to dive back into the everflowing road. Folk-noir. Gypsy-swing. Tango-tronic. Other. An uncommonly timeless modern music. Lyric written with dark and subtle wit, raw honesty, and a painter’s eye. Far flung musical ideas merged and reinvented with a passionate ease. And a voice to make you grin and get misty. An intimate solo performance on Fisch Haus’ unique satellite-dish amplified stage.

Says Myshkin, ”Fisch Haus is one of my favorite places on earth to play. The creative energy alive in the building, and the unique quality of attention in the room, add some special electricity to performances there.”

Show starts at 8pm and is open to all ages. Admission is by a suggested donation of $8. For more information about the band, please see Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers.


“Myshkin’s voice is not to be taken lightly. A gorgeous rich alto infused with natural drama and melancholy, and best applied to her own songs: hushed one act plays that speak volumes” – New Orleans Times Picayune 

“Darkly joyous, endlessly restless, and spellbinding. Gypsy, cabaret and punk influences, and a masterfully mercurial, seductive voice“ – Sing Out

“A poet who actually has something to say… dense, dark songs rendered beautifully” – Dirty Linen

“Dreamy beauty that conjures up rainy nights in a Budapest or Berlin cafe.” – Utne Reader