NATION: The Kirk Rundstrom Legacy Concert



Friday, September 25, 2015 – 6:00pm

Doors at 6:00pm, show starts at 7:00pm

Advance tickets: $20

Tickets for Fisch Haus in Wichita are available through Eventbrite at:

Tickets for the Bottleneck show on Saturday the 26th in Lawrence are available through Front Gate at:

On February 22, 2007, Kirk Rundstrom, Kansas native and (co) founder of bands Split Lip Rayfield, Scroat Belly, Technicolor Headrush, Grain & Demise, Grizzly, and the Kirk Rundstrom Band, surrendered to a one year battle with esophageal cancer. This September, Kirk will be honored with two live audio/video recorded concerts featuring covers and arrangements of his music performed by local and national artists. The concerts will be held Friday, September 25th, at Fisch Haus in Wichita, Kansas, and Saturday, September 26th, at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas.


Brent Best of Slobberbone

Snake Bite – Eric Mardis, Calvin Bennett & Ryan Johnson

Scroat Belly- Wayne Gottstine, Mitch Clay, John Ezell Gina Black

Split Lip Rayfield – Wayne Gottstine, Jeff Eaton, Eric Mardis

DeWayne Brothers – Jamie Briggeman, Eric Nelson, Garrett Briggeman

Francis Moss – David Lord

Ryan Windham

Zsa Zsa Ketzner Isaac Burrow, Kerry Burrow & Daniel White

Softie – Jonathan Eaton, John Grant

Old Grey Dog – Mike Huntington, Andy Timmons, Ron Raney & Tim Manning

Fairness Alec Jahn, Bass Frank R. Bravo, Jesse McConnell, Weston Townsley

The Candy Lords – Scott Mackey Paul Huffman Zac Shoffner, Mark Farha, Bryce Weinberg

JOOM – Georgia Andersen & Torin Andersen

Alberto – Albert Alfonso Glen DeMeritt

Additionally, artists have been invited to submit digital versions of Kirks’ music to be released digitally in entirety on SoundCloud and as a mastered compilation on iTunes this winter and spring. The video project will also be released digitally and aired on public broadcasting. Some artists submitting digital files include: Mike Coykendall, Rex Hobart, Moonshine Willy, Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, Marc Tweed, Drakkar Sauna. Maria Elena, Mark Foley and Bridget Law. Donated submissions should be uncompressed in lossless .AIFF or .WAV formats.  Video QuickTime files .MOV format will also be accepted for play during the live concerts. All files should be labeled with artist name and uploaded directly to DropBox at:

Deadline for digital submissions will be October 15, 2015.

A complete list of the artists, with their corresponding bands, performing Kirk’s songs is available on Facebook at Only one version of each song will be released on the final tribute.

More information available at

Questions can be sent to