Neighborhood Superstar

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Friday, April 15, 2016 – 4:30pm to Friday, April 29, 2016 – 9:00pm

In 2016, Fisch Bowl, the Tallgrass Film Association, and Harvester Arts are introducing a bi-annual scholarship and exhibition program, entitled Neighborhood Superstar;  an award that recognizes creatives who are actively practicing in underserved communities.  The Neighborhood Superstar Award will celebrate the essential nature of creative work that has germinated independent of the spotlight, and hopes not only to highlight the accomplishments of deserving artists, but to also create new relationships and opportunities that will encourage the existing arts infrastructure to support similarly obscure, yet meritorious, projects.

In its inaugural year, the 2016 Neighborhood Superstar Award will honor the contributions of grassroots Wichita filmmaker R.G. Miller.  Miller handcrafts intimate, whimsical short films and distributes them for free throughout his neighborhood, attracting a cult following among local youth who love his imperfect, visionary approach. The 2015 Tallgrass Film Association screening of a documentary about Miller and his work, Double Digits, offered the community a springboard introduction and further exemplifies the interconnectedness we hope to foster between the Wichita art scene and creative subcultures.

The annual roster of events accompanying each Neighborhood Superstar award will offer a variety of exhibition and fundraising opportunities to support the selected artist’s ongoing practice. For Miller, the line-up includes community film screenings, a formal gallery show of Miller’s props and cinematic ephemera, interactive workshops, a stage adaptation of one of his screenplays, and in-person engagement with the artist.  

To see some of RG’s films, check out his YouTube channel, Cheap Homemade Movies.

To help RG raise general filmmaking funds, donate to his Patreon site HERE!

Follow RG on facebook HERE.  

We’ll have some fabulous merch for sale as well, with all proceeds going to benefit R.G.:  t-shirts (artwork by Patrick Calvillo and design layout and logo by Jess Wasson, printed by local hero Jeff Eaton), a dvd ‘best-of’ reel of R.G.’s films, and a comic book created by R.G.  Supplies are limited, so grab them while you can!

For more information about R.G., read the articles in the Eagle at The singlular filmmaker nobody had ever heard of and Inaugural ‘Superstar’ award honors local filmmaker R.G. Miller.  More images are here.



 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016 
5:30-7:30 PM 
Opening Reception at Harvester Arts:  R.G. will exhibit props/ephemera from his films & creative process.
Between 8 and 8:30 (sundown)-10 PM 
Screening: ‘Double Digits’ at Fisch Haus (outdoors weather permitting, indoors if not).  BYOL (Bring Your Own Lawnchair)  Enjoy dessert from The Brown Box Bakery while you’re watching the film!
Director Justin Johnson will be in attendance:  post-film Q&A with Justin and R.G.
11AM-? (perhaps 5 to 6 hours)
R.G. Miller Internet Art Film Marathon at Fisch Haus, with an appearances by R.G., schedule permitting.  Feel free to BYOB, but no festive beverages may be consumed on the street or offered to minors.  Sandwiches by B.S. Sandwich Press.
Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab:  Editing Mentorship with Justin Johnson at the Tallgrass Film Association *sold out
5-7 PM
Art Filmmaking Workshop led by R.G. at Harvester Arts.
7-10 PM
Final Friday event, in coordination with the Wichita Community Foundation’s Art Day of Giving