December 18, 2020 – May 14, 2021

@BildLab, Fisch Haus’ second floor gallery

Like probably every other artist on the planet, much of Fisch Haus artist Patrick Duegaw and Diver Studio’s Connie Ernatt’s recent work has been inspired by current events and addresses the bizarre state of…everything. Particularly bizarre is the fact that we’re all still working hard, perhaps harder than ever these days, since there’s so much to say, but we’re all isolated in our own little worlds with few opportunities to actually engage with the very society we’re so obsessed with right now.

So, Connie and Patrick are having a show. A hybrid virtual/live exhibition at Fisch Haus’ 2nd floor BildLab gallery that opens on Friday, December 18, from 6-9PM and will run through February 2021. Fisch Haus is hosting a Facebook live event on Friday: we’ll turn on the live feed at 6, then do little tours starting at 7. During the rest of the time, we’ll just be hanging out in the gallery and available to chat with people via the comments section.

The recording of the Facebook live event can be found here.

Pandæmonia at BILDLAB!
Many thanks to everyone who joined us on the Facebook Live event, which can be viewed on that…

Posted by Patrick Duegaw on Tuesday, December 29, 2020