Shattered Telephone

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fisch Bowl is proud to participate in the Wichita Community Foundation’s ART DAY OF GIVING.  Photos, text and video of the event will be available on our facebook page soon after the event.  Thanks for your support!


Broken Telephone meets Exquisite Corpse and then smashes the telephone in an interactive, multi-disciplinary interpretive art installation.  We ‘fisch’ for a story idea from the crowd, and the game begins.  Improv musicians, storytellers, artists, dancers, writers and actors translate the idea down a telephone line of performances, each adding to the narrative and propelling it in a potentially new direction, while infusing the entire stream with their own individual practice.  What emerges at the other end will most likely bear no resemblance to the original ‘fisch’ itself:  both an analogy, and a tangible manifestation, of the creative process.

We have some ambitious fundraising goals, and would love to work towards them with your help:

Part-time gallery director/general administration:

$12,000 – $15,000

Gallery improvements:

Walls, $3000

Electricity, $5400

Plumbing, $7500

HVAC, $11,000

A/V system upgrade, $4500

ADA-compliant restroom, $7000

Post-event update:  an overwhelmingly successful day, made possible by our very generous and appreciated donors!

Martin and Ann Bauer

Susan Bentson

Ben Blankley

Emily Bonavia

Cindy and Charlie Claycomb

Dustin Deckard

Ann Garvey

Sonia Greteman and Chris Brunner

Tatsuya Hidano

Katherine Holmes

Eric Ireland

Denise and Rex Irwin

Michael Jensen and Paula Worley

Eleaner Keppy

Susan Mayo

Joe Miller

Ty Nighswonger

Shelly Prichard

Jennifer Rygg

Jennifer Simmonds

Lee Starkel

Dee and Linda Starkey

Jo Stevenson

Wichita Community Foundation (awarded us a golden ticket!)