The International Superstar Boy Band

On January 31 at 7pm, the (in)famous International Superstar Boy Band will be crushing the Fisch Haus stage with an improv sesh to end all improv seshes. Be there or be sorry forever. 

The ISBB is (left to right): Tatsuya Hidano [drums], UJ Pesonen [bass], Randy Zellers [guitar], Torin Andersen [guitar], and Ian Stewart [mood and texture].


2015 K.N.O.B. New Music Festival

The KNOB New Music Festival is an annual celebration of experimental and unconventional musical disciplines, in the fields of both composition and performance. 

Info will be posted here, and on facebook.  Like the KNOB facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@Fisch Haus) for more frequent updates and news.

November 5 - November 7, 2015