Theatre Thursdays 2016



Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – 11:00pm to Wednesday, March 30, 2016 – 11:00pm
Inaugurated in 2015, THEATRE THURSDAYS is a month-long live performance series featuring weekly premiere productions of contemporary plays, experimental and improv performances, and stage readings. The shows run every Thursday evening in March, and are open to all ages; please note, however, that some of the subject matter may be challenging for small children. Email us at with any questions.
Tickets are $10, but public previews of each performance will be offered the Wednesday prior, with admission by donation.
Doors open at 7PM, and performances begin at 7:30.
Read more about the series in the Wichita Eagle.
Lyle Valentine Improv Group: The League of Extraordinary Sirs
The League of Extraordinary Sirs is a new improvisation group whose members boast a wide range of theatrical and improvisational backgrounds. The Sirs perform primarily as a comedy improv troupe; however, a few of their members practice long-form improv. This performance will contain some games as well as a featured performance called “Harold”: a demonstration both of improv’s popular, well-known incarnation, and its transformation into its own unique, theatrical art form.
 MARCH 10 
You are The Market:  An Evening with Aaron Wirtz
Media personality and digital performance artist Aaron Wirtz will present an evening of experimental theatre that explores the murky areas between occupation and identity. You Are the Market will offer an amusing look at some of the unforgettable moments, speculations, and realizations along his journey from call center trainer to English grad student to used car TV pitchman with stories that will resonate with the Wichitan in us all.
 MARCH 17 
R.G. Miller:  Progress and Crisis
Screenplay to multi-media staged reading (multi-media) of Progress and Crisis with an artist talk back and film afterwards. Directed by R.G. Miller, produced by Stacy Chestnut
Featuring:  Michael Webber  •  Briley Meek  •  Darian Leatherman  •  Kevin Sowers  •  Tanya Anderson  •  Andrew Faucett
“Deep in the recesses of YouTube there is an ingenious artist who cannot be stopped. Despite having almost no audience, he consistently churns out 3-4 original feature-length films a year. He’s made action movies, horror movies, westerns and more. He’s not rich, he has no crew, no formal training and aside from his action figures, plays virtually every part. Welcome to the inspiring, imaginative, and often handmade world of Ultra-DIY filmmaker Richard ‘R.G.’ Miller, a 50 year-old man who creates impossible blockbusters from his tiny studio apartment in Wichita, Kansas.” (
 MARCH 24 
Thom Pain (based on nothing), by Will Eno (a Finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize)
He’s just like you except worse. He’s trying to save his life, to save your life – in that order. In his quest for salvation he’ll stop at nothing, be distracted by nothing, except maybe a piece of lint, or the woman in the second row. Stand-up existentialism? An affirmation of life’s worth? The work of a self-indulgent playwright? You decide. Or don’t.
A one man show featuring Mark D. Anderson  •  Directed by Danette Baker
 MARCH 31 , with an extra performance April 1
Constellations, by Nick Payne
Marianne, a physicist, and Roland, a beekeeper, meet at a party and go for a drink, or perhaps that isn’t the case at all.  Having fallen madly in love, they begin and relationship that eventually veers off course.  A chance encounter brings them back together, or maybe it reveals that Marianne is now engaged to someone else and that’s that. Or it might be Roland who’s engaged. Maybe Roland and Marianne will be together forever, or maybe their time will be tragically short.
Featuring:  Tanya Anderson  •  Leslie Coates  •  Susan Guntly
A new work, this is the premier production of Constellations in Wichita, and the first play about quantum multiverse theory!
Festival coordinator: Stacy Chestnut
Marketing and promotion: Kylie Brown