Art, Music, Theater


Friday, December 15, 2023 – 6:00pm

Guest event curated by Skyler Dew

WOVEN: a term for the interlacing and connectedness of all things, places and time– no matter the difference or distance of one’s experience, we embody a living memory called Earth. She emanates through our hearts, as we pour forth Her Blossoming by our creations and collaborations. 

WOVEN is overall showcase featuring songwriters, poets and actors. The melding of poetry, art, and music can help draw the bridges across the waters of time and history bringing a togetherness between those separated. We wish to provide our audience and artists with the feelings of harmony and belonging. We hope all will leave with a rejuvenated spirit for collaboration and celebration of their own works and creations to come.

All are welcome- poetry and spoken word enthusiasts, those looking for perspectives and experiences from others, and those who enjoy stories and the art of storytelling through creative practice. 

The variety of participants we have lined up are an excellent collection of poets/writers, musicians, artists, and actors.

Suggested $5 ( or whatever you can give): donation jars will be around help pay performers and event coordinators!