WSU Jazz Combos



Monday, April 28, 2014

7:30pm, doors at 7

Admission by a suggested donation of $5

An evening of WSU Jazz!

The Michael Engdahl Collective is led by senior guitarist Michael Engdahl with James DeVault on piano, Jordon Kasper on bass, Jeremy Thomas on alto sax, Jacob Forro on Tenor sax, and Jake Barb on drums. This sextet brings youthful, modern ideas and arrangements to some of the most beloved songs from the 20th century. Using all their talents, this collective of young men stand firm in finding their own voice in the jazz world all the while paying tribute to the greats who came before.

Performing around the community for the past year and a half The Luna Copii Group has established a strong rapport and creative sound that continues to develop.  They have performed as a backing unit for other musicians and currently perform every Tuesday at The Donut Whole.  Members of the group include: Jered Becker (bass), Scott Taylor (drums), Kendall Wohaska (guitar).  

The Phil Bollig Sextet is comprised of Phil Bollig and Michael Peltzer on guitar, Brendan Fulcher on trumpet, Connor Silar on drums, Riley Day on bass and Cortland Mahoney on piano. The sextet plays standards from the standard jazz repertoire but with fun and upbeat arrangements that are fun to play as well as listen to.

Mac Monarchy has been in the making since fall 2013.  Christian McNolty (Combo leader, guitar) and Brady Rohling (piano) began playing standard charts in a combo with assigned members at WSU in the fall of 2013.  This spring semester, they added their friends Evan Ogborn (bass, mandolin) and Taylor Day (drums) to the mix and began writing some original tunes.  Mac Monarchy plays mostly standards, as well as funk and some original compositions.  The group is still new, but the members are learning to groove and meld melodic and harmonic ideas together to make great music.

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