Friday, April 26, 2019 (All day) to Friday, June 7, 2019 (All day)

The XX series, now in its ninth edition, is a biennial invitational exhibition series that features five different female artists each year; every new group of participants being chosen by the previous five. This ‘tag’ structure should, through its natural progression, offer the Wichita community an expansive range of work, both geographically and conceptually. There are no set criteria for acceptable medium or genre, as long as the work is unique and exceptional. The intention of this exhibition is not to focus simply on art made by women (just as a show featuring only male artists isn’t presented as a “men’s show”); rather, to highlight the work of five extraordinary artists that happen to be women.


Exhibition essay: Narrative Evocations in XX9, by Dr. Rachel Epp Buller.



Andrea Coates
Annie Dunning
Natalia Lopez
Erika McIlnay
Holly Osborne

APRIL 26 – JUNE 7, 2019
Opening reception: Final Friday, April 26, 7-10PM 
Closing reception: Final Friday, May 31, 7-10PM

“XXtra” Hours:

Thursday, May 23, 5:30-8PM (docent available for questions and tours)
Thursday, June 6, 5:30-8PM

Please contact info@fischhaus.com to make an appointment outside of posted hours.



XX9 Immersion: Yoga, Meditation, and Creative Conversation

May 7, 14, 21

6:30 – 8:30PM

Hosted by Marcela Gimenez and Molly Kysar

Experience XX9 through a creative, meditative immersion of awareness, mindfulness, and connection.

This innovative yoga, meditation, and art experience is rooted in the idea that we become more present, open, and aware through the practice of mindfulness.

Experiencing art creates internal dialogues – the more we immerse into a work of art, the more we see a reflection of ourselves – our thoughts, our memories, and our emotions. In simple terms, the artwork becomes a vessel for understanding our own human experience.

Similarly, yoga and meditation generate awareness of the self through the breath and mindful movement.  

These immersion sessions are meant to deepen and enhance the art experience:  By practicing awareness, we “warm up” the mind to be open, flexible, and present for deep, meaningful conversations, understanding, and connection.

This event includes a yoga and meditation practice followed by a facilitated discussion of the show.

Bring a yoga mat, water, a towel, and an open, curious mind. 

These workshops have been made possible by The Trust Company of Kansas.


Exhibition Docents: Marcela Gimenez, Zaena Helm

Cover image: “Fist”, Plaster, Erin Cunningham, 2017 (XX8 artist).

Entry wall graphics by Juanta Wolfe.

Artist accommodation provided by the Courtyard Wichita at Old Town.


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