Zeb Dewar and Nick Jaina



Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – 7:00pm

Fisch Haus presents Portland, OR singer/songwriters Zeb Dewar and Nick Jaina, Tuesday May 31.

Show starts at 8pm, admission is by a suggested donation of $5-$10.

In his two decades of lyrical songwriting and sleeping in weird places, Zeb Dewar has collected the sincerity and minimalist honk of late porch music and driven it into a searching embrace of early electric basement sounds. For the love of a moment of silence, there is a whisper. For the love of rock and roll, there is a small amp on 10.

Nick Jaina’s live performance is an amalgamation of all he has learned from composing for dance and film, all the songs he wrote while touring the country with his band, and all the stories he has compiled in his book. It is a rare combination of storytelling and song. It is not like a normal music show or a reading. Nick loops electric guitar passages, mixing in sounds from distant rocket launches played from his phone into the pickups of his guitar. After creating a bed of sound, he reads short passages from his book, such as unsent love letters, or chronicles of Don Quixote-like figures who tried to sail across oceans. The performance is soulful and engaging.